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Instagram introduced its new look. You might have seen an updated icon and app design for Instagram. The new Instagram icon represents a simpler camera and the rainbow lives on in a gradient form. Along with this the company has also updated icons for the other creative apps tying all of them together: Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse.
Instagram Logo Color

The former Instagram logo, was a retro brown and cream camera with a rainbow stripe that heeded back to the iconic Polaroid cameras, it was instantly recognisable, but now it has been radically changed.
Instagram New Logo

Instagram said the new design reflects that how the app, bought by Facebook for $1 billion four years ago, had transformed since it was created.

The app, which was originally called “Burbn” when first became popular, it was known largely for its photo filters and effects that gave images a retro edge. Many people would even take their photos from Instagram and put them on different networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

But over the years Instagram has become a massive social phenomenon in its own right, a major platform for celebrities and advertisers, as well as supporting videos, animations and drawings. The app now has more than 400 million users.

In other words, Instagram is no longer just an app for making your dodgy breakfast or pet photos look somewhat cute and passable.

“We’ve been inspired by all the ways the community has grown and changed, and we wanted to create something that reflects how vibrant and diverse storytelling on Instagram has become,” a spokesman said. Read More @ Telegraph
Instagram Layout

Improvements have been made to the Instagram app as well. Instagram has also changed its app to a new black-and-white design for backgrounds, icons and menus. This more muted design is intended to make photos stand out more, although there have been no changes to how the app works.

Take a quick look at what the art and design experts have to say about this change.

Bhupal Ramnathkar, founder, Umbrella Designs
Let’s be honest, if you’ve got something good going on, don’t destroy it! When you replace a well-designed and familiar icon, with a simple camera, and call it the symbol for the world’s most-used photo app, you have to realise that sometimes change is not the answer! The old logo was iconic and core to Instagram, it stood for instant photos and so did the Polaroid camera in the old logo. The new logo even though modern and minimal, loses out on this core thought that is Instagram’s USP. The old logo was an iconic symbol, you see it and instantly recognise it, which is what any good logo does. The new logo feels like any other halftone graphic. In fact, if you unlock your phone right now, you’ll find that the logo is very similar to the iTunes logo. So, good luck finding it!

Amrita Chowdhury, president, DY Works
The new Instagram logo, while framing a sunset in modern adaptation along with an abstract rendition of the lens shutter, may not stand out in a sea of app icons on a user’s screen. The older Instagram logo was extremely distinctive. At the design level, it cleverly built in old instamatic camera image with the colour spectrum to signify multiple storytelling styles. The lens, almost in 3D, was evocative and brought nostalgia. The square shape was retro modern. It cued in nostalgia, but in a chic modern way. The apps across app-stores are growing exponentially. The old Instagram logo allowed users to distinguish the app in a sea of similar-looking logos.

Hence, while the company is aiming to bring in modernity and diversity, the new logo makes it lose its distinctive edge. It will blend in with other icons. The new logo is certainly modern and colourful. There are many app icons in blues or greens. So, the shaded orange will look different. But, it will also lose its immediate recognition factor. The very fact that the old logo was analog in design, with a hint of digital, made it stand out on the phone screen.

Ashwini Deshpande, founder, director, and practice head, Elephant Design
That Instagram wanted to change as its community was changing is a fair reflection that it cares about its users. But then, it did this clipart rainbow, which is a complete let down. As a brand designer, I have never seen a visual identity going from unique to non-distinct and something that can be easily missed, in one single stroke. But, that’s what has happened here.
It’s like you are used to seeing someone in classic cool and love them for that. And then, they suddenly turn up in neon spandex… like for everyday!

The old identity had so much going for it. It was so meticulously detailed down to the leather texture on camera case and the tiny rainbow stripes. It was a piece of craft with a soul.
I am sure the new one also has been crafted well from the point of pixels and visibility. But, it hasn’t managed to retain the soul.

The new user interface seems friendlier. However, I don’t see the relation between the logo and interface. I find the logo rather loud saying ‘notice me’. I fail to see why visibility has over-ridden all else when it wasn’t an issue with the old logo in the first place. Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

I wonder if GAP will happen to the new Instagram logo. I am sort of hoping.

Jaideep Mahajan, national creative head, Rediffusion-Y&R
In an attempt to make itself more social, it has jeopardised something so primal about it. This logo can be of any camera app, there’s no story to it. The old logo was a character of your life, the new one is a button on your device. Anything that’s a square is user-friendly on mobile. But, shouldn’t a logo be much more than that?
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Having arrived with a summery, optimistic video to explain the decisions behind the design, some think the new logo has a fresh, 90s, Coachella vibe. Meanwhile the logo’s critics have mocked its hipster aesthetic and made the usual jokes about how it looks like it was knocked up in ten minutes with Word Art.

Change always takes a little while to get used to, and now the dust is starting to settle on this redesign it’s time for designers to have their say.

Here is how the design community has reacted to the change in the iconic logo:

“This is a confident redesign but potentially a missed opportunity,” says Sam Becker, the Creative Director at Brand Union.

“It’s quite telling that the launch video seems more about convincing people that this was a rigorous undertaking rather than communicating a strong, differentiating idea that elevates the brand and connects to their past. No doubt, this is a visual system that’s more practical, usable and modern. It will serve them well, but it could have been so much more.”

While Sam is cautious with his praise, others have been more enthusiastic and have taken to Twitter to sing their praises.

I always admired Instagram for their icon/logo, staying strong, not following the trends… — Tobias van Schneider (@vanschneider) May 11, 2016

Seriously, the @instagram app refresh is great! finally can edit photos on white… now waiting on @vsco for the same. — Day (@dayjimenez)May 11, 2016

As a logo designer, this really excites me! The new Instagram logo is killing it. — William Paterson (@Will_Paterson10) May 11, 2016

However not everybody is happy. In fact most people seem to agree with Sam, arguing that while the redesign is more practical, the logo itself doesn’t measure up.

The @Instagram logo may be barfalicious, but the actual app redesign is truly amazing. Simple & making content the centre piece of each post — Diego Pulido (@ixDiego) May 11, 2016

Mixed feelings RE new@instagram logo. ♥︎ the slick gradient… but I’ll miss the friendly lil Polaroid character — Jason Carreiro (@loopdesign) May 11, 2016

Not digging the new@instagram logo design. Rainbow gets completely lost against my iPhone backgrounds. In-app coloring is harsh as well. — Dana D (@mediafury)May 11, 2016

The new Instagram logo design is far too generic. Should have kept the original design but maybe tweaked a little. It’s just….no. — Chris Johnstone-Law (@dire_stark) May 11, 2016

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Inspite of all the controversy that surrounds the Instagram’s new logo, the functionality of the new design appears to be successful. Thanks to putting the images of user’s front & centre, the app is set to remain one of the most popular places to connect with people & discover the world.

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