Micro Moments – Catch the Moment!



It is a Sunday morning and you are making your coffee, suddenly a thought comes to your mind. You want to know your Grandma’s trick to get smooth hair using coffee grounds. You immediately pick up you mobile phone, press a few buttons & 15 mins later you are enjoying your hot coffee and you have watched three videos on how to get your hair conditioned by coffee grounds. Congratulations! You have just taken part in what Google calls Micro Moments.
Micro Moments
Mobile phones or smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. This has forever changed our expectations from a brand. What used to be our predictable, daily sessions online have been replaced by many fragmented interactions that now occur instantaneously. There are hundreds of these moments every day—checking the time, texting a spouse, dropping a work email, posting vacation photos or chatting with friends on social media.

But in the other moments, we are very open to the influence of brands. These are the moments where we want to learn something or need help to make a decision. These are the moments that matter, these are the ‘micro-moments’ and they’re the game changers for both the consumers and the brands.

These moments can be categorized as: I want-to-know moments, I want-to-go moments, I want-to-do moments, and I want-to-buy moments. These are the moments where a consumer wants the brand to answer exactly what he/she needs to know. In these moments the expectations of the consumer are extremely high. A brand that manages to be present at these moments can not only win the game but also gain the trust and loyalty of the consumer it wants to reach.
Micro Moments Research
It is not about the mobile usage anymore. Nowadays, it is about the convenience with which we can take an action on any need or curiosity that we have, the consumers decision journey has now been fragmented into hundreds of tiny spurts of intent-driven micro-moments. Each one is an important opportunity for the brand to shape our preferences. If a micro-moment happens and the brand is not there to engage a consumer, then that consumer will act on what they know, and can eventually end up going with the competitors who have been targeting them all along the journey.
Micro Moments Process
Micro moments is the new arena of war for brands. Brands are required to earn the customers attention, moment after moment as now they are more loyal to their need in the moment than to any particular brand.

The concept of micro-moments is a defining change in the world of digital marketing. The future of brands flourishing & gaining loyalty now depends on identifying these new moments. Those brands who understand how they can meet the consumer’s need in these micro moments are the once which will be the successful brands of tomorrow.

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