Full List of Halloween Makeup Ideas (70+ Images and Tutorial)



Halloween Makeup

Halloween is a one of the world’s oldest Holiday. Halloween did not start out as a holiday for costume, Makeup, trick or treating or carving pumpkins. The Halloween celebrated today has fundamentals of the different spiritual and social traditions. The Halloween name is a contraction of All Hallows Eve, The old-style name for the Catholic holiday of All Saints Day. People celebrate this festival every year on 31st October from around the world. There are many different ways to celebrate this festival, like costume, carving pumpkins and different types of Makeup. So we are going to discuss about the different type of Halloween Makeup Ideas in this post.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

The wearing of costumes at Halloween may come from the belief that supernatural beings, or the souls of the dead, roamed the earth at this time. So Rather than spending tons of money on a corny Halloween costume that you will only wear for one night, why not let your creative side show and make your face the main attraction to your costume using some clever Halloween makeup Ideas.

As we all know that there are different type of Makeup available which you can do on the Halloween day. But you always have to keep in mind that which makeup will be looking good on you and what type of makeup you are looking. Before choosing your makeup for the Halloween, you must have to think about that how much time you have on that day and make sure that you have collected all the required things for that makeup.

We have rounded up over the internet and find out the different types of Makeup ideas for you. We have rounded up 70 plus unique Halloween makeup ideas which you can wear on this festival. But you can wear all of them on the same day. So you must have to choose the best one for you before the festival come and get ready with all the things required for that makeup. Have a look and enjoy your festival.

Halloween Makeup
Image From Makeup Styles
Halloween Makeup Ideas
Image From Lauren Hughes
Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas
Image From Voguecitybitch

1. DIY Halloween Makeup

As this is a half face DIY Halloween Makeup, surprise by doing one side of the face with your usual evening makeup and make it as affected as you wish. The dim lip and fantastic Smokey eye with slight Skeleton will deliver you remarkable look for this Halloween. Go for a solid outline too, this certainly ups the evening look and makes it flawless for fancy dress.

So first collect all the required thing for this makeup and then follow the instruction. You need Skin Base Foundation, Eye Coloring Pencil, Gel Liner and android pure pigment to get this awesome makeup shown in the below picture. Apply foundation to the fresh side of the face use your normal foundation or one a little lighter if probable.

Now use a gel liner with a lip brush to fill in the dark areas of the skeleton, the eyes, the nose, the missing area of the jaw and the temple. Again, use the Gel Liner to fill in detail, the brow bone, the sides of the eyes and the cheeks. Use a black eye shadow to create definition and blend out. Use a white foundation or eye shadow to create a highlight around the bone structure, blending it out as you go.

For the teeth, create a white area along the lips and extend up towards the cheek – you can use whatever you have to hand, white foundation or eye shadow. And make the teeth as realistic as you want. Add a touch more definition by using a white eyeliner pencil to fill in the teeth slightly, drawing on a few lines in each to create the look of teeth.

DIY Half Face Skull Halloween Makeup
Image From Bloglovin

2. Scary Halloween Makeup

It’s always much better to wear a makeup on the Halloween instead of wearing the costly costumes. When we were kids, we love to wear a plastic mask which looked very scary on the Halloween day. We all know why we wear those types of mask, as we always want to get attention from the people. But those things are now past and today creativity comes into the picture, so if you have a wide imagination, then there are thousands of possibilities to wear a perfect makeup.

You might be not an artist and don’t have artistic talent in yourself, you can always find a makeup artist to help you with your imagination makeup. So if you want to scare your friends, then Scary Halloween Makeup can be at one of your best makeup for this Halloween. Have a look below picture for an example or if you want to do this makeup by yourself, then see the video tutorial below the image.

Scary Halloween Makeup
Image From Ellimacs

3. Pretty Halloween Makeup

So have you choose the perfect costume for this Halloween, but you still need something which can add something to spice it up a bit. Then you are at perfect place. So if you are thinking to have something a little extra spooky this year? Try out this Pretty skeleton Halloween Makeup that we just so happen to think is fab.

You have to collect all the required things for this makeup before you start. You need Skin Base Foundation, Eye Coloring Pencil and Gel Liner for this makeup. Then use the Foundation on your clean face, then after you can use the Eye Coloring Pencil or Gel Liner according to your choice. Have a look below the picture and just copy everything on your face. Now your Pretty Halloween Makeup will be ready to bang.

Pretty Halloween Makeup
Image From Brit

4. Princess Halloween Makeup

Every woman is a fairy herself and she looks always gorgeous, loving and charming in her everyday beauty, no matter what age she is off. Makeup is a kind of thing which every woman love and they don’t want to compromise with it. As we are talking about the Halloween makeup and we all know the craziness of women to get ready for the Halloween and they always want to try every year different makeup.

So have you ever try the Princess Halloween Makeup? If still not, then this is a time to try it. Have a look below picture, for example, makeup and you can definitely copy this makes on your face. Because it’s not very hard to do. You just need to collect required thing and use them according to the picture shown below.

Princess Halloween Makeup
Image From Watchoutladies

5. Beautiful Halloween Makeup

Are you crazy enough for the Halloween makeup? If yes then you are definitely going be crazier for the makeup as Halloween getting closer and closer. You always love to decide that which makeup you need to wear on this Halloween before it’s come and you don’t want to leave anything for the last moment. So if you are searching something which can be look more beautiful with your costume, then below picture can be best example for you.

This Beautiful Halloween Makeup can be best choice for you. You just need some stuff to get this makeup. Just use the your normal foundation on your clean face then take some dark color or black color and paint your nose. You can use your eye liner to give dark color to your eyes. Then after just wear one flower crown and now you are ready to rock with your friends and family.

Beautiful Halloween Makeup
Image From Youresopretty

6. Creepy Halloween Makeup

We always wish to finish the year with a bang and what additional better way to try this than through the celebration of two most important occasions that remember life and death – Christmas and Halloween. October is just around the corner and Halloween also around the corner. Halloween costume and Halloween makeups are two measure crucial pointers you must begin thinking by at present. Does one have already have Halloween makeup ideas?

If you still have not get the ideas that which Halloween makeup you have wear on this Halloween. Then we recommend that you panic because you have the poor excuse of not preparing enough for the Halloween season. The least we would want is a boring Halloween when this is supposed to make us forget the world’s crisis for a day. If you are thinking wear Creepy Halloween Makeup on this year then have a look the below picture, it can be best Halloween makeup for you.

Creepy Halloween Makeup
Image From Easyday.Snydle

7. Easy Halloween Makeup

Rather than spending lots of money on the Halloween costume which you can only wear for one night. Why not think in a different way and show your creativity. Yes we are talking about the Halloween makeup. Makeup is kind of thing where you are show your creativity in different way. But as we all know that everyone not an artist. So you must have choose a kind of makeup which you can do very easily. If you are looking for the Easy Halloween Makeup ideas then you are at right place. The makeup shown in the below picture can be done very easily and it will consider very less time to finish it.

Easy Halloween Makeup
Image From Brit

8. Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Halloween is a great time to use makeup to create a costume to remember. The good news is that you don’t have to be a makeup artist to pull off a look straight from your dream. Mermaid Halloween Makeup could be go down as the most cool makeup effect you can achieve with a fishnet stocking. Believe it or not, you can get a fabulously fishy look with some eye shadow and a few basic techniques. Below are the few simple step which you need to follow and you will get the perfect Mermaid Makeup for this Halloween shown in the below picture.

Start with placing fishnet pantyhose over your face – You will look very ugliest during this step but don’t worry you are going to enjoy it.
Create the mermaid scales – Using a sponge or your fingertips, tap a blue cream shadow at your temples, forehead and tops of your cheekbones.
Give the scales an Ombre effect – Next, take a green cream shadow and apply below your blue areas, moving closer to the center of your face.
Highlight the scales with silver cream eye shadow – Using a silver cream shadow tap on top of the high points of your face as highlights.
Remove the fishnets to reveal your mermaid makeup scales and look in the mirror to see the scales you’ve created.
Apply blue cream eye shadow – Using the same blue cream shadow and a synthetic brush or fingers, apply to the entire lid.


Mermaid Halloween Makeup
Image From Sheknows

9. Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup

Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup
Image From Familyholiday

10. Vampire Halloween Makeup

Vampire Halloween Makeup
Image From Stefan

11. Cat Halloween Makeup

Cat Halloween Makeup
Image From Latina

12. Angel Halloween Makeup

Angel Halloween Makeup
Image From Magment

13. Animal Halloween Makeup

Animal Halloween Makeup
Image From Frmheadtotoe

14. Bloody Halloween Makeup

Bloody Halloween Makeup
Image From Breanne Kelly

15. Clown Halloween Makeup

Clown Halloween Makeup
Image From Magment

16. Comic Halloween Makeup

Comic Halloween Makeup
Image From Var Broca

17. Cool Halloween Makeup

Cool Halloween Makeup
Image From Stylecaster

18. Crazy Halloween Makeup

Crazy Halloween Makeup
Image From Girlydesignblog

19. Creative Halloween Makeup

Creative Halloween Makeup
Image From Reddit

20. Cute Halloween Makeup

Cute Halloween Makeup
Image From Glamcheck

21. Dark Halloween Makeup

Dark Halloween Makeup
Image From Favim

22. Day Of The Dead Halloween Makeup

Day Of The Dead Halloween Makeup
Image From Buzznet

23. Deer Halloween Makeup

Deer Halloween Makeup
Image From Brit

24. Devil Halloween Makeup

Devil Halloween Makeup
Image From Haute-Chic

25. Disney Halloween Makeup

Disney Halloween Makeup
Image From Showme Makeup

26. Doll Halloween Makeup

Doll Halloween Makeup
Image From Sami

27. Eyes Halloween Makeup

Eyes Halloween Makeup
Image From Chibinat

28. Fairy Halloween Makeup

Fairy Halloween Makeup
Image From Pelfind

29. Gothic Halloween Makeup

Gothic Halloween Makeup
Image From Magment

30. Half Face Halloween Makeup

Half Face Halloween Makeup
Image From Simplyoloni

31. Halloween Makeup For Couples

Halloween Makeup For Couples
Image From Idreamofu

32. Halloween Makeup For Girls

Halloween Makeup For Girls
Image From Minimalisti

33. Halloween Makeup For Guys

Halloween Makeup For Guys
Image From Makeup Vidalondon

34. Halloween Makeup For Kids

Halloween Makeup For Kids
Image From Todaysparent

35. Halloween Makeup For Men

Halloween Makeup For Men
Image From Diys

36. Halloween Makeup For Teens

Halloween Makeup For Teens
Image From Blog of Francesco Mugnai

37. Halloween Makeup For Women

Halloween Makeup For Women
Image From Picsymag

38. Pop Art Halloween Makeup

Pop Art Halloween Makeup
Image From Yahoo

39. Simple Halloween Makeup

Simple Halloween Makeup
Image From Latina

40. Skeleton Halloween Makeup

Skeleton Halloween Makeup
Image From Indulgy

41. Unique Halloween Makeup

Unique Halloween Makeup
Image From Theonlinecentral

42. Witch Halloween Makeup

Witch Halloween Makeup
Image From Beautylish

43. Wolf Halloween Makeup

Wolf Halloween Makeup
Image From Shanshanshananigans

44. Zombie Halloween Makeup

Zombie Halloween Makeup
Image From Malumluna

45. Black Halloween Makeup

Black Halloween Makeup
Image From Wesharepics

46. Bunny Halloween Makeup

Bunny Halloween Makeup
Image From Stardustbyzali

47. Catrina Halloween Makeup

Catrina Halloween Makeup
Image From Pinterest

48. Cheetah Halloween Makeup

Cheetah Halloween Makeup
Image From Marlaandmakeup

49. Fox Halloween Makeup

Fox Halloween Makeup
Image From Pinterest

50. Ghost Halloween Makeup

Ghost Halloween Makeup
Image From Makeup Qezone

51. Girly Halloween Makeup

Girly Halloween Makeup
Image From Favim

52. Halloween Makeup For Boys

Halloween Makeup For Boys
Image From Pinterest

53. Halloween Makeup for Men

Halloween Makeup for Men
Image From Diys

54. Halloween Makeup For Work

Halloween Makeup For Work
Image From Reddit

55. Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup

Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup
Image From Makeupgeek

56. Joker Halloween Makeup

Joker Halloween Makeup
Image From Chuchy5

57. Last Minute Halloween Makeup

Last Minute Halloween Makeup
Image From Gurl

58. Leopard Halloween Makeup

Leopard Halloween Makeup
Image From Costumemodels

59. Lion Halloween Makeup

Lion Halloween Makeup
Image From Winwes

60. Lips Halloween Makeup

Lips Halloween Makeup
Image From Demilked

61. Maleficent Halloween Makeup

Maleficent Halloween Makeup
Image From Jessicaharlow

62. Mouth Halloween Makeup

Mouth Halloween Makeup
Image From Musely

63. Peacock Halloween Makeup

Peacock Halloween Makeup
Image From Twistmepretty

64. Pirate Halloween Makeup

Pirate Halloween Makeup
Image From Sarahcrawford3

65. Scarecrow Halloween Makeup

Scarecrow Halloween Makeup
Image From Pinterest

66. Spider Halloween Makeup

Spider Halloween Makeup
Image From Halloween Tutorials

67. Tiger Halloween Makeup

Tiger Halloween Makeup
Image From MarinaMaquillage

68. Zipper Halloween Makeup

Zipper Halloween Makeup
Image From Imgur

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