Get Chiseled Abs – The Crunch-Free Way!



Every time you dream of having awesome abs, the thought of crunches breaks your dream! There is something awful about laying down to start exercise that ruins our plan to get those to-die for Chiseled Abs. Here we have three crunch- free moves that help you get your dream look.

Side Planks
Side Plank With Reverse Fly
Lie in a straight line on your side while resting on your forearm. Stack your shoulder over your elbow as your raise your hips from the floor while maintaining a straight line. Try to keep your hips square and your neck neutral throughout. Hold the pose for 30 seconds then alternate sides. Complete two rounds on each side.

Bicycles Crunch
Bicycles Crunch
Lie on the floor and place your fingertips behind your head, remember to keep your elbows wide. Bend your left leg so that your thigh is perpendicular to the ground and lift your right leg off the ground—keeping it straight—and bring your right elbow as close to your left knee as possible. Alternate your left elbow to your right knee as you straighten your left leg. Continue this motion for 30 seconds. Complete two rounds.

Boat Pose

Young woman doing yoga exercise
Sit with your feet on the floor and your legs bent. Place your hands underneath your knees and lift your chest. Drive your shoulders back toward the ground as you extend your lower legs out (making them straight) while balancing on your sitting bones. (Your body should resemble the picture above!) Release your hands from your legs and stretch them forward for more of a challenge. Hold this pose for 30 seconds. Then repeat another round. Even if you have little time, these three exercises can help you achieve awesome abs.

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