6 Simple Hairstyles You Can Wear To Office



Each day we strive to look the best at our offices. Here are six fast and simple Office Hairstyles tutorials that get you out of the door on time and also give you a rocking look for your morning meeting.
1. Half Crown Braid
Half Crown Braid
This elegant style works best for those who have medium to long hair, it offers the benefit of wearing your hair down, while you keep them out of your face. Just two simple braids will make you look fabulous on Mondays and your colleagues will think you spent the entire morning prepping. View The Full Tutorial

2. Weaved Ponytail
Weaved Ponytail
This elegant & stylish twist to the traditional low pony adds a little sophistication and fun to a hairstyle more often reserved for casual days. No need to fuss with hair straighteners in the morning—this works amazingly well for the tired Tuesdays! View The Full Tutorial

3. Simple French Roll
Simple French Roll
This hairstyle is a perfect midweek simple yet elegant look for your Wednesdays! This lovely style will make a statement during an interview or important meeting. It has all of the wow with none of the headache. Just wrap, tuck, and pin, and you’re on your way. View The Full Tutorial

4. Twisted Ponytail
Twisted Ponytail
Those with shorter hair can fake an up-do, too. This ponytail cheat is ideal for getting your hair out of your face and still looking elegant. It’s much easier than it looks, all you need is hairspray, a few bobby pins, and a clear elastic. A perfect style to flaunt on lazy Thursdays! View The Full Tutorial

5. Braided French Twist
Braided French Twist
Enjoy Your Fridays!! If you have a big event after work, this day-into-night style will become your go-to. The braided up-do works best on hair that has some texture and isn’t squeaky-clean, so now you can relax just hit the snooze button and skip the shower. View The Full Tutorial

6. Braided Bangs Half Up
Braided Bangs Half Up
Here is an additional style that you can flaunt any day, it is simple, fun & fabulous. Bangs can be a real trouble sometimes, consider this the chic way to finally get them off your forehead. The braid adds a special touch to the traditional half-up style, it’ll make you stand out. View The Full Tutorial

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