130 DIY Easter Projects With Tutorials

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DIY Projects

Easter is a festival and holiday, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary C. As we all know that without decoration festival will not look perfect and no one want to miss the decoration on the Easter Day. As Easter around the corner and you might be already started the preparation for it. If you see the local store they are full with the thing required for the Easter.

There are different types of activities which we love to do for Easter. But some of the most important Easter things are Easter Eggs, Easter Decorations, Easter Baskets, Easter Crafts, Easter Gifts and Easter Wreath. There are so many people who can’t afford to purchase every required thing from the store. Because things required for the festival always cost more money and every want to save the money. So if you want to save some money, then you must have to choose to make your own DIY Easter projects.

DIY Easter Projects

Choosing to make your own DIY Easter projects is always a fun and it will also give you an opportunity to spend quality time with your family and kids. You can choose an easy DIY project for your kids, which they can make easily. Kids always love the Easter because this is a day when they get very beautiful gifts. Kids also love hut the Easter eggs from the garden. On this festival parents love to do all the necessary things to see a beautiful smile on Kids face.

So if you are searching for some DIY projects for Easter then you are at right place. Hope your search will stop here. Because we have rounded up over the internet and collect around 135 DIY Easter Projects with tutorials. You will get all types of Easter project in this post. So scroll down below and check each and every project. If you love any project and want to learn a complete direction and required material for that project. Follow the link given under each project for a complete tutorial. Feel free to share this tutorial with your family and friends. You can also share them on your social profile as well.

DIY Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Easter Egg Oreo Truffles

Embroidery Floss Covered Eggs

Antiqued Silver Eggs

Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

DIY Watercolor Wooden Eggs

Sprinkle Easter Eggs

Black and White Easter Eggs

Doily Stenciled Easter Eggs

Graphical Easter Eggs

Polka Dot Easter Eggs

Feathered Easter Eggs

Mix Match Sculptures Easter Eggs

Natural Decorated Eggs

Chalkboard Easter Eggs

Watercolor Letter Easter Eggs

Calligraphy Easter Eggs

Pantone Easter Eggs

Waxed Easter Eggs

Boho Easter Eggs

DIY Jeweled Easter Eggs

DIY Cement Eggs

Painted Tissue Decoupage Eggs

String Easter Eggs

Copper Glitter Painted Easter Eggs

Pokemon Poke Ball Easter Egg

DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs

DIY Triangle Easter Eggs

Paper Snowflake Easter Eggs

Gold Leaf Easter Eggs

DIY Pineapple Easter Eggs

DIY Mud Cloth Easter Eggs

Macrame Easter Eggs

Flower Print Easter Eggs

Blue China Tea Easter Eggs

Cosmic Space Easter Eggs

Color Blocked Easter Eggs

Flower Easter Eggs

DIY Crowned Bunny Easter Eggs

Otomi Print Easter Eggs

Gold Foiled Easter Eggs

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

Wood Grain Folk Flower Easter Eggs

DIY Frida Kahlo Easter Eggs

Sticker Art Easter Eggs

Stars and Moons Easter Eggs

DIY Burger Easter Eggs

DIY Alphabet Easter Eggs

Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs

Blue and White Paper Napkin Easter Eggs

DIY Easter Decorations

Elegant Easter Table

Simple Easter Table Decorations

Cheese Board Easter Decorations

DIY Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs Bunnies

Easter Bunny Garland and Stand Up Decoration

Color Blocked Bunny Vases

DIY Easter Bunny Jar

DIY Happy Easter Wood Sign

Simple Easter Tablescape Decor

Easter Flower Centerpiece

Succulent Easter Decor

DIY Easter Brunch Decor

Hand Dyed Easter Egg Decorations

Sakura Easter Eggs

DIY Easter Baskets

Origami Easter Bunny Baskets

Felt Easter Basket

Crochet Bunny Basket

DIY Feather Easter Baskets

DIY Pom Pom Easter Baskets

DIY Copper Wire Easter Egg Baskets

DIY Jute Easter Basket

Last minute Easter Basket

Personalized Easter Gift Baskets

Hot Air Balloon Easter Baskets

Easter Basket Filled With Real Grass

Braided Easter Basket

Kraft Tex Easter Baskets

Felt Fringe Easter Basket

Paper Easter Baskets

Rope Easter Baskets

Mini Crochet Easter Eggs Basket

Plastic Crocheted Easter Basket

Floral Easter Baskets

Moss Easter Basket

DIY Easter Crafts

Egg Shell Mosaic Vase

Sock Bunny and Sock Eggs

Silly Sock Bunny

Rustic Easter Bunny Sign

Cardboard Tube Bunny Rabbit

Chicken Crafts for Easter

Felt Bunny Treat Bag

Easter Bunny Terrarium

Paper Flower Easter Eggs

Chocolate Hatching Chicks

DIY Easter Egg Garland

Easter Bunny Treat Tubes

Cactus Easter Eggs

Kinder Egg Chicks

Banana Split Easter Eggs

Easter Birdhouse

Bunny Treat Bags

Toilet Roll Mini Baskets

DIY Easter Urban Jungle Garden

Easter Bunny Eggs

DIY Easter Gifts

Matchbox Doll

Bunny Soap

Peep Gift Boxes

Paper Easter Baskets

Spring Garden Cookie Basket

Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Fringe Easter Basket

Peek Boo Paper Bag

Easter Egg Gram

Natural Dyed Wooden Eggs

DIY Sock Bunny

Easter Egg Candy Boxes

Glitter Lollipops

Scented Mini Bunny Pillow

Owl Easter Eggs

DIY Easter Wreath

Dollar Store Easter Wreath

Lavender Wreath

Floral Easter Egg Wreath

Cheerful Easter Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath

DIY Easter Wreath

Crochet Easter Wreath

Rustic Easter Egg Wreath

Spring Easter Egg Wreath

Googly Eyes Easter Egg Wreath

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